Computer text symbols

Computer text symbols are just like usual characters that you read right now. Except they have different meanings, and some aren't used a lot, so lots of them can't be typed from keybord with usual methods. However, there are different special ways to type symbols from keyboard on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

In this article I'll try to intoduce you to the world of computer symbols. I hope I'll do it well ^.^

I'll show you different things you can do with symbols.

Cool Symbols

Symbol-smileysAlso, take a look at my collection of text emoticons and smileys.
Love, heart
Question, exclamation

I only listed a small fraction of my text symbols collection in here, because I also want to tell you about several other symbol things (see below). For a lot bigger list view All computer symbols if you're interested.


There is a thing called computer symbol generators that you potentially may enjoy. They convert your texts into text symbols, to make it ℓ◎◎к ℓḯḱℯ ṫнїṧ (encool), ʇı dılɟ oʇ (aboqe), or ᴄᴀᴘɪᴛᴀʟɪsᴇ your text. Several generators that I made can even turn your text into large text art signs. Don't miss your opportunity to blow your and your friends' minds.€ηḉ◎◎ʟ ¥øυґ ṫℯϰт❣, Яц$їfу їт, or ¿¡ʇı dılɟ 

Art with symbols

Whether you're an art lover, or not, note that I've got the most huge collection of computer text art ever. Here's what text art looks like:

Text Art for Facebook, Myspace and Google+My collection of text arts (also called ASCII art, or text pictures). Facebook and Myspace users like this stuff. Made, mostly, by unknown artists.


Cool face

I also made a collection of computer emoticons with text symbols.

Text Emoticons and SmileysText emoticons and smileys for messages, chat and status on Facebook, Myspace, etc. Made with and without the use of cool text symbols.

On Keyboard

keyboard buttons with symbolsAs I've mentioned earlier, you can type symbols straight from your keyboard withought even copying. How to do that depends on the operating system you're running (Windows, Linux, Mac). If you'd like to find out how to do that, please, read my reference.
Keyboard symbols (shortcut codes for text symbols and characters)Keyboard symbolsType symbols by their keyboard codes. Contains information on Windows Alt codes, Linux symbol codes and standard Mac tools for special characters. Put them in documents, on Facebook, Myspace, your blog, etc.
Article updated on 2012-01-10 19:58:27


Do you know what time period computer symbols were made?
Different symbols in different times. At least from 60-s up to today. And more will be made available in the future.

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